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Is Insurance Hard To Understand?

Not With Us...


Is Insurance Hard To Understand?

Not With Us...

About Us

SLIC is one of the leading Life Insurance Company in Bangladesh since 1990.

Clients are the spirit of our business, so we build a genial & realistic relationship with clients.

SLIC enlarge its network by establishing agency offices. As a result in 31st December 2014 9.09 lac Policyholder is now under the shade of Sandhani.

SLIC provide Life Insurance coverage in the remote area as well as within all the people of the country.

The core business activities of SLIC covers Micro Insurance for the Poor People, Ordinary Life Policy for the General, Group Insurance for the Corporate, Education Policy for the Students, Hajj Policy for the Religious People and so on.

To be a competent service provider, SLIC maintain the quality, also increasing the growth rate by maximizing the Return on Investment.

As a whole SLIC is a complete package with corporate practice, diversified business profile and foster entrepreneurship.

Our Commitments:

To build a safe and sound prospect for every Individual, Society and Community.

SLIC seeks to build an ever relationship with the policyholder by providing a qualitative service.

SLIC seeks to enhance employees skill, efficiency and make them more innovative and dedicative by providing effective professional training and a highly motivated remuneration package.

SLIC seeks to satisfy the shareholders by achieving consistent operating performance and by disclosing transparent financial information.

Business Partners:
SLIC seeks to maintain excellent relationship with its business partners.

SLIC seeks to live up its responsibilities to the community by providing various types of Philanthropic activities to play a supportive role to protect our social, cultural, environmental, economical and national interest.


Sandhani Life's Vision & Mission:

1. To ensure social & family protection through Life Insurance Policy of all families of Bangladesh.
2. To ensure highest possible services to Shareholders & Policyholders of the company with modern technology & dedicated professionalism.
3. To settle & handover insurance claims to the doorstep of policyholders or their nominees within quickest possible time.
4. To provide highest dividend & bonus to the shareholders & policyholders respectively.
5. To increase asset, investment & life fund with modern technology & most efficient management.

Strategic Objectives:
In order to achieve company’s long-term goal, it has maintain a number of key business objectives which are:
· Prompt claim settlement;
· Improve staff-client relationship;
· Enhancement of employees’ skill and efficiency;
· Maximize shareholders’ wealth through a sustainable return on their investment;
· Maintenance of social commitment;
· Establishment of corporate governance.
Ethical Principles:

We are committed to living by the principles and practices established by our corporate and social responsibility and business ethics, which enable us to manage effectively our impact on the society and environment. Our core values, depends on:

· Integrity & Honesty: We believe only integrated, honest and sincere employees can bring the company in a sustainable position.

· Objectivity: We are committed to serve our clients and beneficiaries and conduct all business activities according to the business principles.

· Accuracy and In Timely Manner: We are very much aware about the accuracy of all the calculation and evaluation by using the report of the expertise and serve to the valued clients in timely manner.

· Performance in due care: To maintain the professional competence, it requires a continuing awareness and an understanding of relevant technical professional and business developments, so as a public service provider we exercise a sound judgment in applying professional knowledge and skill in the performance of such service.

· Safety & Confidentiality: According to the principles of safety and confidentiality we are alert to the possibility of inadvertent disclosure of information of a prospective client or employer and the identification, evaluation and elimination of hazards that could cause harm to our employees, property and the environment.

· Respect and Trustiness: We earn the trust and respect of our shareholders, employees, clients and business partners by being honest, fair & open and honoring our commitments.

Accountability & Transparency: We are in practice of highest level of accountability and transparency regarding our product, business activities, performance and financial results to meet the expectation of all the valued users and beneficiaries.


Date of Incorporation January 23, 1990
Obtained certificate for commencement of business March 28, 1990
Registered with the Controller of Insurance April 25, 1990
Prospectus issued for floatation of public shares January 01, 1996
Subscription opened January 08, 1996
Subscription closed January 14, 1996
Listed with Dhaka Stock Exchange April 06, 1996
First trading of shares on Dhaka Stock Exchange Floor April 06, 1996
First A.G.M of public shareholders August 25, 1996
First election of Directors from public subscribers November 20, 1997
Settlement of SLIC shares in Demate mode in the CDS April 27, 2004
Number of Directors 18
Life fund at the end of the year 2014 902.41 Crore
Bonus Share for the year 2014 22 shares for every 100 shares (22 :100)