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Is Insurance Hard To Understand?

Not With Us...


Is Insurance Hard To Understand?

Not With Us...

Financial Statements List

Financial statement analysis (or financial analysis) is the process of reviewing and analyzing a company's financial statements to make better economic decisions.





Annual report 2008 




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Annual report 2009 First Quarterly Financial Statement 2010

Half Yearly Report 2010

Third Quarterly Financial Statement 2010
Annual report 2010 First Quarterly Financial Statement 2011 Half Yearly Report 2011 Third Quarterly Financial Statement 2011
Annual report 2011 First Quarter Financial statements 2012 Half Yearly Report-2012 Third Quarterly Financial Statement 2012
Annual report 2012 First Quarter Financial statements 2013 Half Yearly Report-2013 Third Quarterly Financial Statement 2013
Annual Report 2013 First Quarter Financial statements 2014 Half Yearly Report-2014 Third Quarterly Financial Statement 2014
Annual Report 2014 First Quarter Financial statements 2015 Half Yearly Report 2015 Third Quarterly Financial statements 2015
Annual Report 2015 First Quarter Financial statements 2016 Financial statements For The Second Quarter Ended June 30,2016(Un-Audited) Third Quarter Financial statements 2016
Annual Report 2016   First Quarter Financial statements 2018   Second Quarter Financial Statement Ended 30 June 2017 (UN-AUDITED)   Third Quarter Financial statements 2017  
Annual Report 2017       Second Quarter Financial Statement 2018   Third Quarter Financial statements 2018



 Annual Report 2018   First Quarter Financial statements 2019   Second Quarter Financial statements 2019  

 Third Quarter Financial statements 2019

Details 3rd Quarter 2019

 Annual Report 2019   First Quarter Financial Statement-2020 (Un-Audited)   Second Quarter Financial Statement-2020 (Un-Audited)   3rd Quarter Financial Statements 2020